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Box Hill Institute


CRICOS Provider Code: 


Students taught per year


Graduates employed 6 months after graduating


Apprentices and trainees employed 6 months after graduating


Join us, and you’ll soon discover why Box Hill Institute is one of Australia’s leading vocational and higher education providers.

From our very beginnings, we have emphasised practical, personal and flexible learning. We have always valued the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with industry and businesses to create job-specific courses and facilities.

We recognise that our instructors and staff are our best assets. You’ll benefit from their unique life and industry experiences, knowledge, and innovative ideas. They are dedicated to your learning experience and will equip you with skills for employment and life after studying.

Box Hill Institute now operates in 10 countries. We are registered to deliver professional education across the secondary, vocational education and training (VET) and higher education sectors. We offer a diverse range of courses to students, businesses and community groups.

You can study certificates, diplomas, degrees and postgraduate courses, and your qualifications will be recognised in Australia and overseas.

In Victoria, we’re in three locations – Box Hill, Lilydale and in Melbourne’s central business district, where we are co-located with the Centre for Adult Education. We also deliver training and services in many workplace locations.

You’ll learn in modern, well-equipped facilities that simulate job environments and experiences. You’ll work on relevant projects and use tools and equipment from your chosen industry, in situations that are part of everyday employment.

CRICOS Provider Code: 02411J


English Requirement:

Academic Requirement:

  • Box Hill Campus - Elgar

  • Box Hill Campus - Nelson

  • City Campus

  • Lilydale Lakeside Campus

Tuition (Annual):

  • AUD 8,200~20,000


  • Further Studies at University

Available Courses

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