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Always be honest and continue to strive to make every student’s study abroad in Australia experience a success

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Bada Education Centre was founded in 1999, beginning with Sydney Head Office.

As an education agency, we deal with international student's study abroad programs in Australia. Besides the five onshore offices including Sydney Head Office, we are expanding to other countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America through branch offices onsite. Today, Bada Education Centre is recognised as one of the best recruiters of international students worldwide by many Australian institutions.

For more than 20 years, we have successfully recruited over 3,000 international students annually to Australian Institutions and we proudly consider ourselves as the leading global marketer to many reputable institutions in Australia.

For students aspiring to study abroad in Australia, our professionally-trained consultants provide extensive and comprehensive consultations to guide clients through clear pathways in studying abroad. Also, using our network system between branches, we continue to provide consultations and maintain organic management after students arrive in Australia. Prestigious universities including members of Group of Eight (Go8), major universities and research institutions have maintained a close relationship with us to ensure accuracy of the information, efficient consultation and quick processing.

Bada Education Centre continues in its research to allow you to access quality education as well as to offer you the best consulting services.

Chairman Sandy Kwon

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To provide comprehensive education consultations to international students of various nationalities and provide with clear pathways to studying abroad.


  1. Professionalism

Highly-trained consultants engage in consultation complying with the professional code of conduct.

  2. Integrity  

All staff act based on honesty.

  3. Innovation  

Always pursue and nurture creative ideas that are capable of changing the world.

  4. Diversity

Respect regardless of gender, race, and background.

  5. Community Development

Through developments in the company, contribute to society and be socially responsible.

  6. Customer-Centred Approach

Always prioritise requests of customers.

Qualified Education Agent Counsellor


We also proudly work with Australian States and Territory Department of Education.

Official Representative of Australian Elite Universities






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