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Bada Education Website Terms of Use

[Chapter 1 General Provisions]

Article 1. Purpose and definition
The purpose of this Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms and Conditions") is to specify all the conditions and other necessary matters concerning the subscription and use of the ocean study service provided by the company between the company (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and its customers (hereinafter referred to as the "members").

The purpose of this Agreement is to prescribe matters concerning the conditions and procedures for the use of Internet services provided by the Sea Study Website (
(2)" refers to an Internet site related to studying in Australia, studying abroad early, studying abroad, language training, and working holiday operated by Ocean Studying. "Users" refer to those who access and sign up as online members to use the service.

Article 2. The Effectiveness and Change of Terms and Conditions
(1) These terms and conditions will become effective by notifying the company's website.
(2) These terms and conditions may be changed according to the inevitable circumstances of the company, and the changed terms shall be effective by notifying them in the same way as in paragraph 1.
(3) If the member does not agree to the changed terms and conditions, he/she may suspend the use of the service and request the member to withdraw. Continued service use after the effective date of the changed terms and conditions shall be deemed to have agreed to the changes in the terms and conditions.

Article 3. Matters other than the terms and conditions.
Matters not specified in this Agreement shall be governed by the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act, e-commerce practices and other relevant statutes.

[Chapter 2 Using Services]


Article 4. Establishing a contract for use
The service contract is established by the company's consent to the user's application. In principle, the service contract shall be concluded in terms of the user number (ID).

Article 5. Application for use and withdrawal
(1) An application for use shall be filed on the online application form for identification of applicants and information collection.
- Member ID
- Password
- Name.
- Email
- Phone number.
- Other things
In addition to the above, we can add additional information that is deemed necessary by the company and announce this fact.
(2) You can withdraw from the member's personal information modification immediately.

Article 6. Changing Member Information and Restricting Qualifications
(1) The members may view and modify personal information at any time on the site.
(2) The company may restrict the acceptance of an application for use in the following cases, and may withhold its consent until the reason is resolved:
- If the capacity of the service-related facilities is insufficient
- In case there is a technical reason for failure
- Other cases where the company is deemed necessary
(3) In the following cases, the company may restrict its membership:
- If you falsely fill out the application form,
- In case a member is registered using the name of another person
- In the event of a violation of the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.
- if it interferes with the company's operations.
- Where an application is made for the purpose of hindering the well-being and order of society or the customs of the public;
- In case other requirements for application are not met as determined by the company.
- If a person is registered as a credit defaulter of PC communication or Internet service under the Act on the Use and Protection of Credit Information
(4) If the company does not withhold or consent to the application for use pursuant to paragraph 2 or 3, the company shall notify the applicant of the request. However, this shall not apply to cases where the applicant cannot be notified without the company's reasons attributable to the company.
(5) The company may withhold its consent if the client is a minor, as provided by the service information.
(6) The company may change the ID of the member in the following cases:
- In the event that the member ID (ID) is registered as a member's phone number or resident registration number, it is feared to violate the member's privacy;
- To be distasteful to others or contrary to the custom.
- Other reasonable reasons given by the company

[Chapter 3 Privacy Policy]

Article 7. Policies on Personal Information Protection
(1) The company respects and protects members' privacy.
(2) The scope of personal information collected by the company includes names, e-mail addresses, birthdays, gender, zip code, occupation, and personal interests.
(3) Member information acquired by the company shall be shared among the companies of the company.
(4) The company shall not divulge or distribute the personal information of a member acquired in connection with the service provision to any third party without his consent and shall not use it for commercial purposes. Exceptions are made in the following cases:
- Where there is a request from a state agency, etc. in accordance with relevant laws, such as the Framework Act on Telecommunications and Telecommunications;
- if there is an investigative purpose for a crime or if requested by the Information Communication Ethics Committee,
- If the shipping company informs the customer's information on the delivery business
- Some information is shared only on matters related to banking business.
- the purpose of statistical preparation, promotional materials, academic research, etc., which cannot identify a specific person;
(5) In the future, if the company associates with a new company or site according to business needs, the member automatically becomes a member of the company's newly affiliated site.In this case, the member will receive information on the newly affiliated sites and the scope of sharing information through e-mail in advance, and the member can veto the request at any time if he/she does not want his/her personal information to be transferred.
(6) The ultimate purpose of the company's collection of personal information is to provide customized experience to its immediate members, including content services, communications services, online services, and other services.
(7) Personal information is kept as long as the membership is maintained. In other words, if an individual withdraws from membership or is disqualified from membership, all personal information held by the company will be deleted at the same time that the service contract is terminated. At this time, the time when the membership information is deleted is when the member's request for withdrawal is accepted. (See Chapter 5 for details)
(8) Within the scope of paragraph 4, the company may prepare and use statistical data on all or part of the members' personal information in relation to their work and send cookies to the members' computers through the service. In this case, the member can change the settings of the browser on the computer that he uses to reject the receipt of the cookie or to warn against the receipt of the cookie.

[Chapter 4 Obligations Between Contracting Parties]

Article 8. Duty of the Company
(1) The company shall make the service available to the members on the commencement date of service provision unless there are special circumstances.
(2) The company shall continue to make efforts to provide stable and continuous service as stipulated in these Terms and Conditions, and shall repair and repair the facilities without delay when they are damaged or destroyed. However, in the event of a natural disaster, emergency, or other unavoidable circumstances, the service may be suspended or suspended.
(3) If the company deems that the member's opinion or complaint raised by the prescribed procedure is justifiable, it shall proceed with the appropriate procedure. If processing takes a certain period of time, you should inform the member of the reason and the processing schedule.
(4) The Company shall observe the provisions of Article 7 regarding the protection of members' privacy.
(5) The company shall endeavor to provide convenience to the customers in the procedures and contents related to the contract with the customers, such as the conclusion of the service contract, modification and termination of the contract.

Article 9. Members' Duty
(1) The members shall comply with the company's notification, such as the relevant statutes, the provisions of this Agreement, instructions for use, and precautions, and shall not interfere with the work of the company.
(2) All administrative responsibilities regarding ID and password shall be borne by the member. The member shall be responsible for all the consequences caused by careless management of the ID and password granted to the member and fraudulent use.
(3) The members shall comply with the restrictions posted or announced separately by the company in the service notice.
(4) The members shall not conduct business activities using the service without prior consent from the company. The company shall not be held liable for the results of the business activities and the results of the members' use of business activities in violation of the terms and conditions. The member shall pay damages to the company for such business activities.
(5) A member shall not transfer or donate the right to use the service or other service contract status to another person, and shall not provide such service as collateral.
(6) If your ID is used unfairly, the member must notify the company.
(7) The member agrees to receive an e-mail from the company sent as part of the service.
(8) A member shall not perform any of the following acts in connection with the use of the service:
- the act of using the ID of another member in a negative manner.
- Reproducing information obtained from the service for purposes other than the use of the members without prior consent from the company, using it for publication, broadcasting, etc., or providing it to a third party.
- infringement of the company's copyright, copyright of a third party, or other rights;
- the act of disseminating information, sentences, and shapes that violate public order and customs to others.
- an act that is objectively judged to be linked to a crime.
- other acts in violation of relevant laws and regulations.

[Chapter 5 Termination and Restriction of Use]


Article 10.
If a member intends to terminate the service contract, he/she shall apply to the company no later than one day before the date he/she intends to terminate the service or e-mail (but if the termination date is a legal holiday, two days before the commencement of the public holiday).

Article 11.
If a member commits any of the following acts, the company may terminate the service contract without prior notice or suspend the use of the service for a fixed period:
- If someone else's service ID and password are stolen
- Intentionally obstructed service operation.
- If the name you joined is not your real name
- If the same user has double-registered with a different ID
- In the case of intentionally disseminating contents that are detrimental to public order and customs,
- Where a member plans or implements the use of the service for the purpose of undermining the national or social interests;
- In the case of an act that damages or penalizes another person's reputation.
- Send large amounts of information or send advertising information for the purpose of hindering the stable operation of the service.
- In the case of distributing computer virus programs that cause malfunction of information and communication facilities or destruction of information.
- Infringement of intellectual property rights of the company, other members or third parties;
- Where there is a request for correction by an external agency, such as the Information and Communication Ethics Committee, or where an authoritative interpretation by the Election Commission is received in connection with illegal electioneering.
- In the case of fraudulent use of other people's personal information, user ID, and password
- Information obtained by using the company's service information is reproduced, distributed or used commercially without prior consent from the company.
- When a member posts obscene materials on his or her homepage or bulletin board or links to pornographic websites,
- In case of violation of the terms and conditions of use determined by the company, including these terms and conditions;

[Chapter 6 e-commerce]


Article 12. Purchase application and receipt
(1) In principle, e-commerce services shall be provided only to members.
(2) If a member wants to purchase the item he or she wants, he or she can apply for the purchase by recording the items necessary for the purchase on the website.
(3) Unless there is a false, false, or missing purchase request, the purchase shall be deemed to have been received.
(4) If a person under the age of 13 applies, he/she shall confirm the consent of the parents before submitting the purchase.

Article 13. Service charges
The company provides the following service rate systems:
- Subscription: Free
- Information related to studying abroad: Free
- Payment required for online study: Payment method for payment of Article 15
The deposit method is as follows.
- Payment to a company-approved credit card
- Deposit into the company's account.
- Other payment methods introduced by the company to facilitate users' convenience

Article 14. Disclaimer clause
If a person is unable to provide services due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure, he/she shall be exempted from responsibility for providing services. Ocean study abroad shall not be held responsible for the disruption of service use due to reasons attributable to users. Ocean study abroad shall not be held liable for damages caused by profit or loss or data obtained through the service. Ocean studies shall not be held responsible for the information, data, reliability, accuracy, etc. posted on the service by the users.

[Chapter 7 Intellectual Property Rights]


Article 15. Intellectual Property Rights
(1) Intellectual property rights of all articles, photos, pictures, videos, etc. posted on belong to Oceanographic Study.
(2) Content on cannot be used without the consent of studying abroad.

[Chapter 8 Damages and Other Matters]


Article 16. Damages
The company shall not be liable for any damages incurred to the members in connection with the use of the service while the service charge is free.

Article 17. Disclaimer Clause
- If the company is unable to provide services due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure, the company is exempted from responsibility for providing services.
- The company shall not be held liable for the member's failure to use the service due to reasons attributable to the member.
- The company shall not be responsible for the loss of profits expected by the members using the service and shall not be liable for damages caused by data obtained through the service.
- The company shall not be responsible for the information, data, reliability, accuracy, etc. posted on the service by the members.

Article 18. Court of Jurisdiction
If a lawsuit is filed against a dispute arising from the use of the service, the court having jurisdiction over the company's headquarters shall be the exclusive jurisdiction.

[Attachment] (Enforcement Date) This Agreement shall enter into force on November 1, 2020.

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