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Wilderness School


CRICOS Provider Code: 

Of The Cohort 74%


Our Mission

Were placed in the top 10%, with 55% in the top 5% and 24% in the top 1% of Year 12 students

An outstanding ATAR

Is to enable every girl to be the best she can be throughout her life


Since its establishment in 1884, Wilderness School has been at the forefront of girls’ education. Consistently ranking among the top of Australian Schools for academic achievement, we offer a comprehensive and balanced curriculum with a broad and diverse range of subjects that places an emphasis on students becoming independent and life-long learners, as well as critical and compassionate thinkers.

We have welcomed international girls from all cultural backgrounds to Wilderness School for 15 years. Having worked with girls of all ages, we are experienced in and dedicated to understanding and meeting their differing needs.

From her first day at school your daughter will be in an environment where she is valued for what she can offer as a person. She will know that achievement and leadership by women are natural and to be expected. She will discover her gifts, find inner balance and make true friends.







Course Levels:

Reception ~ Year 12

Tuition Fee:

AUD 25,014 ~ 39,124



Boarding fee:

AUD 26,759

Entry Requirement:

  • AEAS Test: No

  • English Language Program: No-Partner English school only 

  • Interview: No

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