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M***i K*m

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21 October 2020 at 6:37:26 am

University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Science

My name is Minji Kim, currently studying Bachelor of Nursing at Flinders University. I’m also keen to continue my study in Master of Nursing after finishing the bachelor degree to be specialised in actual clinical settings. I thought that Australia seemed to be the most attractive country for me to work as a nurse in terms of intensity of work and income over working hours. That is why I decided to study nursing in Australia. In particular, I’m very happy to be studying at Flinders University specialised in medicine and nursing and very satisfied with the quality of their tutorial and especially with their support for international students. Under COVID-19 situation, while the placement for the first semester is now set to take place not as usual, I know that Flinders is doingthe best in arranging every placement for nursing students so that we will not be harmed and Flinders is providing students with emergency financial support steadily. It's been almost a year since I studied at Flinders University, and I’m also looking forward to studying nursing at Flinders for the rest of the time and working as a Registered Nurse in Australia. Furthermore, I really appreciate how Mr. Cedric Ko and Bada education handled every process to get me to be able to study nursing in Australia. Since I was preparing for starting Uni, I’ve asked him for help with many things about Uni and got a lot of help from him. I’m thinking I have been really lucky to meet Bada education and Mr. Cedric Ko. I hope someone who wants to study nursing in Australia can also have this great opportunity to start a long journey with them.


Thank you, Bada Education!

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