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Jun***ong L*E

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21 October 2020 at 7:47:34 am

Flinders University

Bachelor of Nursing

My name is James, and I am currently studying Bachelor of Science at The University Of Melbourne. In particular, I am pursuing to take Bioengineering during my Master's degree. The country Australia wasn't just an ordinary country to me: It is a place where all cultures not only support each other but also collaborate for a greater purpose. The University's curriculum was not only providing multiple courses throughout the bachelor's degree but also having a different education system that makes them the best. It was a total surprise to a student who is majoring in bioengineering to be able to take multiple other subjects such as computer coding to widen their knowledge. It is still my first year at the University of Melbourne and Australia, but I am very looking forward to finishing my bachelor's degree and moving on to my master's degree. I really appreciate how Bada Education has sorted the process thoroughly. From the beginning of the application until I arrive in the residential college, they were always supportive and helpful. I have to point out my designated counselor, Mr. Chris Lee for being so much help. He gave me so much help when I had to decide the specific university, and choosing student accommodation. Furthermore, He also shared some valuable pieces of information and tips while living in Australia. The University life wouldn't have been possible without him and the crew's help. Overall, I really do enjoy the education at The University of Melbourne, and I am honored for having Bada Education.


Thank you, Bada Education!

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