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21 October 2020 at 7:49:40 am

Torrens University Australia

Master of Business Administration & Global Project Management

Are you planning to study in Australia but still in the process of looking for a trustworthy agency? I may be able to give you a direct suggestion to make your study plan happen with certainty and assurance. I am Cedric, an international student, who is currently taking up Master of Business Administration and Global Project Management, a dual Master degree that is provided by Chifley Business School at Torrens University Australia. I am one of the satisfied students whom BADA Education - Philippines has assisted in choosing an institution where I can pursue a higher degree in Business Administration and Global Project Management. With the agency’s expertise and credibility in providing guidance to international students toward successful pathways in studying in different parts of the world, my application to a prominent Australian university, as well as, for my student visa, has been done which is comparable to a walk in the park.

BADA Education - Philippines is appointed by Australian Department of Education as an official representative to top universities in Australia. They are very professional in terms of how they handle student accounts. They have short response time and are always able to attend to all queries regarding student’s application, which perfectly fit for students who are rushing to get into Australia for study purposes.

BADA, recognized globally as an established student recruitment agency, does have a variety of partner institutions, allowing applicants to choose a school according to their personal preference and suitability when it comes to budget and costs. To add, they also provide insights about budget allocation for transportation, rental, and food as the agency has interns who have been studying in the country for a while.

BADA Education – Philippines assisted me in choosing an institution according to my course preference, budget, and proximity to where I was planning to stay during the whole study period. They were not restrictive with the options and did the best they could in helping me find an institution without settling for anywhere that was less and available. Before presenting their partner schools, they first asked about my top 3 preferred schools before they presented the list of their partner schools. They were very accommodating and did in fact, kept in touch with me all throughout the process, from taking the English proficiency exam up to the visa application.

Torrens University Australia is a good choice due to its well-experienced learning facilitators and university staff. When the pandemic started to take its toll on the Australian economy, schools were forced to conduct online classes. Torrens did not have much to adjust to because of the availability of their established online platform, which enabled a smooth transition from Face-to-Face classes to remote learning sessions. Torrens is one of the institutions that have been included in CEO Magazine’s 2020 Global MBA Rankings Tier One business schools. In addition, its online MBA program has been ranked 20th in the world. Student counsellors and success coaches are very helpful and are equipped to not just attend to school-related concerns, but also in other aspects such as employment and recreational and fun activities that you can do during free time. Aside from Melbourne, it also has campuses in different locations across Australia, particularly in Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane. You may visit Torrens University Australia’s website, to view the list of their on-demand courses.

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Thank you, Bada Education!

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