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University Information

University Information

There are only 8 universities in New Zealand. Bachelor courses are usually 3years and students can enroll in either February or July depending on the course. Master degree courses are divided into Coursework and Research. The duration of a Master’s degree is usually 1.5 years.

The students can enroll in the Master degree by Coursework in either February or July depending on the course, and students wishing to enroll in the Master degree by Research can enroll regardless of the semester dates. PhD courses are available after completion of Master’s degree courses.

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Foundation Program (University Preparation Course)

Foundation programs (also known as Foundation Years or University Preparation courses) are most commonly used as pathways for students who do not meet the entry requirements of an undergraduate Bachelor degree program. A Foundation program is usually a one-year intensive preparatory course and typically designed to prepare a more comprehensive grounding in the skills, prerequisite, and assumed knowledge to enter an undergraduate course at a university. Foundation courses are offered by universities or colleges that are affiliated with particular universities.

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