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English Course Information

English Course Information

English Language school is an institution focusing on providing English education to foreigners who are not English native speakers. In Australia, there are plenty of English Language Schools, which are private English institutes, English Language Institute as part of Universities and TAFE. It offers a range of English courses and study options you can choose. Also it provides and organizes cultural, sports, or other activities for international students. General English course helps international students to improve their English skills and to enjoy their daily life in Australia. English for Academic Purposes course enables international students to enrol into the university and TAFE after students successfully completed the course without English proficiency test result.

English Course Institute in Unversity and TAFE



  • Most Australian universities and TAFE have English language training centres

  • Generally, open every five weeks, there are also centres that open every week

  • Academic focus for students entering university, TAFE and Private College


  • Various university facilities (library, student cafeteria, sports centre etc. are available

  • Advantage of being to meet local university students

  • Open every 5 weeks. Same classmates for the duration of the 5weeks

  • Enthusiastic learning atmosphere for students whose main goal is study


  • Generally more expensive compared to private institutes

  • Less variety of activities compared to private institutes

  • Some institutes are located in the suburb, away from the city centre and transport may be inconvenient

  • Students may find academic lessons comparatively boring and/or difficult compared to private institutes

Private English Language Institute


  • High-quality standards and facilities, and excellent instructors and services.

  • Most classes start every week, but start dates may be limited depending on the course.

  • Since it is an English language education institute, it has a wide range of programs and levels and focuses on enjoying English itself compared to other university or college English schools.


  • Various after-school activities (conversation club, job club etc.) are offered

  • Offers a wide range of specialised courses (speaking, Cambridge etc.)

  • Most institutes are located in the city centre for easy accessibility

  •  There are various scholarships available for reduced tuition fees which makes it comparatively more affordable

  • Most courses start every week so students can apply with flexibility based on their preferred dates


  • Due to the large number of institutes, students need to take care when choosing institutes as there are differences in size, level and fee structure.

  • Due to the easy-going learning atmosphere, it may not be suitable for students who are serious about their study

  • As students start every week, classmates may be different each week, which can be a disadvantage for students who find it difficult to make new friends

About English Language Course


General English

General English courses focus on improving basic skills such as speaking, listening, writing and reading with a range of beginner to advanced levels.


EAP (English for Academic Purposes)

This course is designed to help students complete a high education curriculum in English and is focused on areas including taking lecture notes, report writing and group discussions.


HSP (English for High School Preparation)

This course is for students wanting to enter secondary schools in Australia.


English Exam Preparation (IELTS/Cambridge/TOEFL)

This course is designed to prepare students and immigrants for IELTS (required by Commonwealth countries), Cambridge Certificate (for European citizens looking for work), as well as other English exams like TOEFL.


Study Tour

This program is for studying and travelling during short term holidays. This tour is usually group-based.



TECSOL (Teaching English to Child Speakers of other languages) course that prepares participants to teach English to children who learn English as a foreign language, TESOL(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course that cultivates professional English language teachers by studying, developing and researching best teaching methodologies for teaching students learning English as a foreign language.


Business English


This course helps students to develop communication skills required in the business sector. It is a good opportunity for people who primarily use English in their work or wish to work in a foreign company upon returning to their home country.

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