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College of Sports & Fitness (NSW)


CRICOS Provider Code: 

More Opportunities

Secure a career in the rapidly changing and growing Sport, Fitness, Recreation and Leadership and Management industry

Qualified Trainers

Learners will obtain first class guidance by qualified trainers within the industry


A minimum class size


  • Provide highest quality of service possible to all members of CSF

  • Develop leadership skills and knowledge within each learner

  • Prepare each learner for the workforce within the Sport, Fitness and Recreation Industry

  • Offer opportunity for further studies within a related field

  • Continue to gain industry recognition

  • Expand and grow nationally and internationally

CRICOS Provider Code: 03057C


English Requirement:

Academic Requirement:

  • Sydney 

  • Perth

Tuition (Annual):

  • TBC


  • May be eligible for further studies at Univeristy

Available Courses

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