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1 Sept 2021


We have some great news for new Bachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry) (BNGE) students for 2022 at Western. For many years we have been running our popular BNGE nursing qualifying course over two years for graduates with any bachelor degrees, in January each year. 

The WSU School of Nursing and Midwifery is currently trying to secure Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) accreditation for delivery of a new Master degree and we are hoping this to be finalised by December this year.  

Once we received ANMAC accreditation, the BNGE will be replaced by our new Master of Nursing Practice (Graduate Entry) (MNP) also at 2 years duration, starting from next year – January 2022. The BNGE program will then be discontinued and ‘taught out’ for our current continuing students in that degree.

What does this mean for your BNGE students?

  1. Once ANMAC accreditation is provided, we will be sending all current January 2022 BNGE offer holders a NEW offer into the new MNP degree. Student will not need to reapply!

  2. These students will still be able to benefit from the guaranteed $3k scholarship offered for BNGE in 2022 – this will now be offered for all MNP offer holders in 2022.

  3. As this new program will be an AQF Level 9 Master level degree, the tuition fee will be 2% more than the current 2021 BNGE.

However, please note all current 2022 BNGE offers had a 5% inflated rate applied to offers this year to accommodate a future increase in fees, so current accepted students, will not be asked for any more money, in fact, they will notice a credit for the overpayment made in their WSU student account.

  1. All students who were previously accepted into the BNGE, will now need to accept this new MNP degree offer and scholarship and will receive a new COE reflecting the new course details.

  2. For the time being, please continue to apply for BNGE in the usual way. We have a good number of places left for Parramatta but only a few places left for Hawkesbury.

Understanding that COVID19 can sometimes cause unplanned disruptions, should ANMAC accreditation be delayed beyond December 2022, the School of Nursing and Midwifery, will continue to offer the BNGE in 2022, and postpone the commencement of the Master of Nursing Practice (Graduate Entry) until ANMAC accreditation is received in 2023!

We remain hopeful that we will gain ANMAC accreditation for the MNP this year! Stay tuned for further MNP program updates.

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