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27 Apr 2022

[WSU] Medicine Programs

Be a life saver

Advances in medicine rely on advances in knowledge. It’s why in 2007 Western created a new kind of School of Medicine. Since then we’ve seen more than 670 graduates enter the medical profession and make a difference.

Medicine is a vertically and horizontally integrated curriculum, centred on problem-based learning. Four themes run throughout the program: patient care, health in the community, personal and professional development, scientific basis of medicine. Patient contact and clinical learning begins in the first weeks and continues throughout the program.

If it’s postgraduate opportunities you’re after, choose from our Epidemiology, Allergic Diseases, Pathology, Cardiac Sonography, Rural Generalism and Applied Clinical Health Research programs. And enjoy a flexible mix of online and campus studies.

Medicine facilities

  • Research facilities

  • Anatomy lab

  • Simulation labs

  • Neuroscience behavioural investigation laboratory

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