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16 Mar 2022

[USYD] School of Medicine

Improving health through education, research and clinical care

As one of the highest rated education and research institutions in the Asia-Pacific region, USYD is improving human health and welfare through education, research and the provision of healthcare.

Since 1856 USYD has been dedicated to developing caring, clinically outstanding, research-capable and globally aware graduates who become leaders in their chosen professions.

Each year USYD teaches more than 2,000 undergraduate students across science, medical science and health science. Another 1,200 are enrolled in the specialist graduate medical program, with more than 1,100 training to become postgraduate researchers.

USYD's research is focused on both discovery and translating discoveries into improved healthcare, with major programs of research into diseases and health challenges of national and international significance.

USYD advocates for and take a leadership role in contributing to high-quality healthcare and wellbeing. The staff play a major role in the provision of healthcare in NSW and in a number of countries in our region. They are leading clinicians who are actively involved in the evolution of care and hold key roles in government and non-government organisations, hospitals and other major health providers.

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