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11 Mar 2021

[UQ] UPDATE: UQ Pathway Programs

Important update regarding UQ Pathway Programs (English Language and a new Foundation Program)

The University of Queensland (UQ) is announcing the consolidation of the delivery of all UQ pathway programs through UQ College via a two-stage approach. Currently, there are three separate providers that offer pathway options for students wanting to study at UQ, including:

  • The Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE), for English language pathways;

  • UQ College for domestic foundation pathways; and

  • International Education Services Ltd (IES), which delivers the Foundation Year to international students under contract from UQ.

A consolidated delivery model under one entity, UQ College, will help enhance the student experience, maximise collaboration opportunities and streamline access to pathways into UQ. In doing so, UQ College will become the globally renowned pathway provider for The University of Queensland, building on years of teaching and learning excellence. Stage 1: From 1 July 2021 UQ College will deliver the English language pathways currently provided by ICTE, as well as its domestic foundation pathways, merging two of the three existing pathway programs. Stage 2: From 1 January 2022 UQ College will offer a new UQ Foundation Program from UQ’s St Lucia campus and online, including Extended, Standard and Accelerated program options. This will replace the current UQ Foundation Year Program (UQFYP) offered by IES under contract from UQ, which will no longer be offered from 31 December 2021, upon expiry of the contract. The final intake for students into the Foundation Year Program offered by IES under contract with UQ will be October 2021. All students who commence their studies with IES will continue their Foundation program through that provider during 2021. There will be no change to the requirements for pathway entry into UQ degree programs for these intakes. IES will continue to provide student support services for all Foundation programs up until their graduation from IES. All subsequent intakes for the new UQ Foundation Program, from and including Semester 1, 2022 will be through UQ College. UQ understands that IES will continue to offer its accredited Certificate IV in the University Preparation program, for both international and domestic students in 2022 and beyond. While this program will not be formally aligned with UQ, and students undertaking this pathway will not gain guaranteed entry to UQ programs nor visa packaged arrangements; successful students will be able to articulate to select UQ undergraduate programs on completion of the certificate and meeting UQ entry requirements. Programs and student support Foundation Programs

  • Tertiary Preparation Program (to become part of the new Foundation Program from January 2022)

  • Associate Degree Program (not available from 2022)

  • Foundation Program (commencing January 2022): - Accelerated Foundation Program; - Standard Foundation Program; - Extended Foundation Program

English Language Pathway Programs

  • Bridging English (BE)

  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

  • General English (GE) – Levels 3 and 4 for pathway students only

English test services:


  • PTE

  • OET

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