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18 Mar 2021

[UQ] Important Information About S2, 2021

Studying at UQ in Semester 2, 2021

UQ is committed to providing students with engaging learning experiences and activities, on-campus and online. If students are unable to join us on-campus, many of our courses are available to study online in ‘External’ mode so that they can get started with their studies. Visit the Programs and Courses website to find which courses are available in ‘External’ mode in Semester 2, 2021. There are important considerations for choosing a course, so we recommend students first visit our Preparing for Semester 2 webpage. Note: Information in relation to the closure of Australia’s international borders is current as at 15 March 2021. Please review the Australian Government website for the most recent advice. If border restrictions are relaxed by the Australian Government, students may be eligible for a University contribution up to the value of $2000 towards quarantine costs and other services. Further information is available on the Supporting your safe return to UQ webpage.

Fees and the 12.5% UQ COVID-19 Rebate

The University has not increased fees in 2021, they remain at the 2020 level. If international students are prevented from travelling to Australia due to the Australian Government border controls and will be studying with us online from their home country, they may be eligible for a UQ COVID-19 Offshore Online Study Tuition Fee Rebate. Students will need to be full-fee paying international student undertaking an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree. If eligible, the rebate will provide a 12.5% reduction of their tuition fees based on their actual course enrolments in Semester 2, 2021. Please review the UQ Students and parents COVID-19 advice webpage for further information on the rebate.

Support for students starting at UQ online 

UQ provides support to help students study from home successfully. Students can join our UQ Virtual Village and participate in Study Bubbles to meet other UQ students studying near them in their home country. Watch stories from other students about what they have learnt while studying online.

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