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4 May 2022

[UQ] Faculty of Medicine

The next generation: How climate change and pandemics are shaping our children’s future

Offering world-class teaching in Medicine, Public Health and Biomedical Sciences, as well as five leading clinical research institutes and centres, the Faculty of Medicine is positioned to be a major force in medical education and translational research in Australia.

We turn high achieving students into world class health professionals and researchers who are passionate about creating change. As a graduate, you'll be equipped with the skills to launch a career in health and participate in research which could affect millions of lives.

Whether you are a high school student beginning your journey or an experienced graduate looking to upskill or change direction, our suite of courses can help you make that next step.

The Faculty of Medicine combines medical education with two research intensive schools, three clinical medical schools and five hospital-based institutes and centres. In doing so, we have achieved broad coverage of the ‘translational pipeline' linking the pre-clinical and clinical sciences with population and global health.

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