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31 May 2022

[UoW] School of Nursing

School of Nursing Campuses

  • Wollongong

  • Southern Sydney

  • South Western Sydney

  • Shoalhaven

  • Batemans Bay

  • Bega

Bachelor of Nursing 

  • The Bachelor of Nursing is a professional, regulated degree that leads to registration as a registered nurse in Australia

  • Received ANMAC approval in 2018

  • Three years in duration

  • 24 subjects (one elective in 3rd year)

  • 840 hours of workplace experience

  • Contains non-standard session

  • Practicum in the middle of the year

  • Begin early in 2nd and 3rd year

How are the subjects taught?

  • Person-centered practice principles – shared values, mutual respect, preparedness, authentic presence

  • We draw upon the experiences and the knowledge that you already have, and the classroom is flipped so you engage in and learn a lot of theory at home and come to class ready to share, clarify and build on your knowledge.

  • Active learning approach – different from school or other learning environments that are generally teacher-led. At university, you lead your learning, and your facilitator is a guide. Your learning requires you to participate in all activities

  • There are noon campus lectures in the school – this content is delivered differently

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