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23 Mar 2022

[UoW] School of Education

The School of Education aims to develop skilled, high-quality graduates passionate about transforming lives through education.

We do this by immersing students in schools for professional experience in the ‘real world’ and providing opportunities for international teaching experiences.

We are nationally recognised for innovative pre-service teacher education programs and have long-standing international links in teaching, research and professional experience.

We are involved in a variety of exciting and innovative research projects including the examination of tablet technologies in imaginative play for children and the creation of revolutionary online teaching modules.

UOW’s School of Education is nationally recognised for its innovative preservice teacher education programs, and has long-standing international links in teaching, research and professional experiences. The Federal Government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching ranked UOW in 2017 as the best university in Australia for Teacher Education.

More than 2,200 students are currently enrolled in our undergraduate and postgraduate programs in teacher education and training, and higher degree programs up to doctoral level. Our programs cover Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Science, Mathematics and Physical & Health Education. Our students are immersed in local schools for realworld professional experience and are provided with opportunities for international teaching experiences. Our graduate employment rate is well beyond that of similar institutions.

The New South Wales Department of Education cooperates in the development and monitoring of our undergraduate programs and provides support for postgraduate students engaged in research and higher degree study. Many staff retain close working links with Commonwealth departments such as the Department of Education, Employment, Training & Youth Affairs (DEETYA) and with international agencies such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and OECD.

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