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6 Mar 2023

[UNSW] UNSW graduates named most employable four years in a row

33 UNSW Sydney students are listed in the Top100 Future Leaders Awards.

For the fourth consecutive year, UNSW Sydney has been named ‘AFR Most Employable University’ at the 2023 Top100 Future Leaders Awards. Thirty-three UNSW students were named as most employable students, the highest of any university.

The Top100 Awards, hosted by GradConnection, The Australian Financial Review and Chandler Macleod, aims to identify Australia’s top future graduate talents. Students take part in a highly competitive graduate recruitment process, including interviews with some of Australia’s top employers.

UNSW Head of Employability James Meade said that he was thrilled so many UNSW students had been recognised.

Five UNSW students in the Top100 were also category winners of highly competitive employer awards, out of 12 available awards.

  • Transition Hub First in Family Top100 Future Leader Award - Saraa Al-Saddik

  • EY Innovation Top100 Future Leader Award - Lauren Richardson

  • Suncorp Resilient Communities Top100 Future Leader Award - Oscar Mason

  • Unilever Sales and Marketing Top100 Future Leader Award - Rayanne Haidar

  • Coles IT Top100 Future Leader Award - Natalie Lero

UNSW has received the AFR Most Employable University award for the previous three years, with 37, 27 and 42 students named respectively as Most Employable Students.

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