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16 Mar 2022

[UNSW] School of Education

At UNSW Education you’ll find an open, supportive and inclusive community where you can prepare for a rewarding career and build lifelong friendships.


Become a teacher

Our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees prepare you to pursue a career in primary or secondary school teaching in New South Wales, Australia and overseas.

Professional learning

Our professional learning programs are designed to accelerate teachers, students and parents from great to exceptional. We offer a range of courses, workshops and conferences for practising teachers to enhance their skills and we offer one of Australia's most comprehensive gifted education programs.

Postgraduate research

UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture postgraduate research candidates are open-minded, progressive and strategic thinkers. As one of the largest faculties of its kind in Australia, we provide a number of opportunities for engagement and support to help you get the most out of your academic experience.  

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