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Created Date:

10 May 2021

[TAFE NSW] Why You Should Choose TAFE NSW

Changing lives and opening up opportunities through learning

TAFE NSW is the leading provider of education and training in Australia, with industry-qualified and experienced staff that bring up-to-date real-world skills directly to the classroom. 

Our courses and degrees can help put you on the path to where you want to be. With over 25,000 employer connections, our graduates can be assured that their qualifications are well regarded.

TAFE NSW has over 130 locations in New South Wales and a wide variety of classroom and online delivery study options to suit your lifestyle, aspirations and individual circumstances. 

So whether you’re fresh out of school, looking for a change of career, seeking new skills or a higher qualification, TAFE NSW has a course for you.

TAFE NSW provides

  • Industry-standard training facilities

  • Professional teachers with real-world experience

  • Courses that are developed with industry partners

  • Pathways to higher education

  • Student support services

TAFE NSW locations

  • 32 campuses in metropolitan Sydney

  • 98 campuses in cities and towns around NSW

  • Modern facilities and equipment

  • Friendly and relaxed campus lifestyle

  • Region-specific courses and activities

  • Easy public transport options

TAFE NSW teachers

  • Are dedicated, supportive and friendly

  • Teach in small class sizes

  • Use up-to-date teaching materials and equipment

  • Have educational and industry qualifications and experience

Student services

Each TAFE NSW campus has a range of services and dedicated facilities to assist you throughout your study experience.

You will have access to a range of support and facilities including:

  • Student association membership which provides opportunities for social and recreational activities with local students

  • Libraries

  • Childcare facilities

  • Tutorials

  • Careers advice

  • Help with finding a job

  • Résumé writing and preparing for a job interview

  • Counselling for study and other personal matters

  • Cafés

Note: Not all TAFE NSW locations have all of these services. To find out what services your location has, please contact TAFE NSW directly.

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