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2 May 2024

[RMIT] Study Nursing at RMIT

Become a Nurse with RMIT

Graduate with the theoretical and clinical skills to start your career as a registered nurse.

Are you looking to make a positive impact in the world and join the ever-growing healthcare industry? Look no further than a Diploma or a Bachelor of Nursing!

With these programs, you will gain invaluable theoretical skills and practical knowledge that will prepare you to make a difference in various healthcare settings. From academic excellence to innovative research and clinical practice, you will be equipped to handle diverse and complex healthcare environments.

You’ll learn to work with patients of all ages in different environments. There is a focus on aged care, community, acute care and mental health. You’ll also learn how to administer intravenous medications and gain skills in acute care, which involves medical and surgical nursing skills.

But that's not all - you'll also get to experience clinical simulations and practice opportunities in both metropolitan and rural areas, explore mental health nursing, learn about indigenous health, and receive professional development support to prepare you for an exciting career.

Major areas of study

Discover a new passion with immersive studies in specialist areas of nursing, including:

  • anatomy and physiology

  • community care nursing

  • foundational nursing care

  • continuing care nursing

  • high dependency nursing

  • medical surgical nursing

  • mental health nursing.

Throughout your study, you can expect to study topics including:

  • wound management

  • analysing health information

  • infection control

  • medications and intravenous administration

  • caring for patients with acute and chronic conditions

  • nursing care for diabetes

  • implementing nursing care plans

  • evaluating the care provided

  • researching and applying evidence-based practice.

You’ll benefit from a technology-enhanced learning experience using simulation laboratories, and a new web-based simulation. This combined with a minimum of 400 hours of work placement ensures that you will graduate work-ready.


As a nurse, you're responsible for safe healthcare environments. You use clinical judgment to promote the best possible care, shape healthcare policies, and educate patients about self-care. You perform complex assessments, develop care plans, educate patients, perform clinical tasks, and oversee the work of other healthcare workers.

Nursing is an essential profession with a high number of employees in Australia and around the world.

As a graduate of this degree, you have excellent employment prospects in a diverse range of metropolitan, rural, remote, and overseas healthcare settings, including:

  • public and private hospitals

  • community and public health

  • acute care nursing

  • mental health nursing

  • aged-care nursing

  • specialty support services

  • industry and school health nursing.

Join the healthcare industry today and become a force for good!


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