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7 June 2022

[RMIT] School of Science

Generating future leaders and translational research outcomes in science and technology

The School of Science is recognised for its experiential learning practices, customised programs, high-tech facilities, and excellence in research. We offer bachelor and postgraduate programs and undertake world-class research in a broad range of disciplines. 

Explore our programs:

  • Applied science

  • Chemistry

  • Food science and technology

  • Nanotechnology

  • Surveying and geospatial sciences

  • Biotechnology and biological sciences

  • Environmental science

  • Mathematics, statistics and analytics

  • Physics

The research community at the School of Science is multidisciplinary, enabling our researchers and students to collaborate with experts across the university, and with a range of industry partners.

The School of Science attracts esteemed experts and researchers from around the world and has strong partnerships with industry and international collaborators.

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