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3 Feb 2022

[RMIT] Remote Study Options for Semester 1 2022

RMIT has been looking toward the year ahead and are focusing on how we can further support our students.

We recognise that in Semester 1 2022, some international students will continue to be affected by the COVID-19 travel restrictions. That’s why we’ll continue to provide online options where possible to support our students in progressing their studies. 

Depending on the program and its requirements, this may include different learning activities and assessments, conducting face-to-face studies at RMIT’s Offshore Learning Centres in their home country or guiding students through different program pathways. However, for some programs, such as those with accreditation requirements, it may not be possible to offer alternative learning options.

If an RMIT student starts their Semester 1 2022 classes online due to COVID-19 border restrictions and then later is able to come to Australia before the end of the semester, RMIT is committed to supporting them transition to face-to-face learning activities where possible.

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