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7 June 2022

[MQ] Macquarie School of Education

Transformational learning and research

The Macquarie School of Education offers a wide variety of opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers, and teachers developing their professional skills.

Our teaching and research are supported by close collaboration with stakeholders and exceptional facilities – including the world-renowned Mia Mia Child and Family Study Centre and the Macquarie University school for children in years K-6 who have special learning needs.


As a Macquarie teaching graduate, you’ll benefit from our uniquely developed 5Rs framework. Through this framework, you’ll become a teacher who is resilient, reflexive, responsive, ready to learn, and research engaged.

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MQ's Employability

    #1 in Sydney for undergraduate employability (QILT, 2017)

  1. Get access to the classroom from year 1 and start your Professional Experience from Year 2

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