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13 Oct 2021

[Monash] Monash launches new architecture vertical double degree

Our new architecture vertical double degree brings together Monash University’s highly regarded Bachelor of Architectural Design with our Master of Architecture to form a five-year specialist degree. This course allows international students to move through the key academic stages required to register as an architect or work as a professional in the built environment.

Packaged pathways

Agents can now offer students a packaged pathway from Monash College or an English Language course through to bachelor and master degrees.

No Folio or interview -GPA only

There’s no folio or interview required - just GPA and English language requirements.

Students will learn the necessary foundation skills in freehand, computer-aided drawing and design thinking to move through each stage of the course.

Work across the world

Our Master of Architecture is an accredited degree and is recognised by the board of architects in Malaysia and Singapore, and recognised by agencies and organisations in Canada, Mexico, Korea, the USA, China and 25 countries in the Commonwealth Association of Architects.

Career Prospects

Graduates can work in small to large architectural firms across scales from homes to housing complexes, public facilities to entertainment precincts and urban design of cities.

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