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8 Sept 2021

[Monash] Accommodation Scholarships

Fees for living on-campus vary depending on the type of accommodation however in all cases,  students will live in a fully furnished room in a secure environment, with all utility bills (water, electricity, heating) and internet included. 

2022 rates will be released in late October 2021.

MRS (Monash Residental Services) offers residents a number of scholarship opportunities, which assist them with their accommodation costs. 

Students need to read the eligibility criteria of each one to determine which of these scholarships apply to their situation.  Some of the scholarships are open to prospective students and for others, you must be a current resident to be able to apply.  Students may also be eligible to apply for a number of accommodation scholarships offered by the University.

Applications for accommodation in 2022 open on 1 September 2021 and applications are assessed on the date of applications so we recommend students apply early. There is no application fee and prospective residents can apply for accommodation before they receive their Monash University course offer.

For more information on accommodation scholarships visit here

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