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7 Apr 2021

[La Trobe] More Scholarships available

More scholarships available

We have introduced three new scholarships that will be available for students commencing in Semester 2 2021 – ELICOS scholarship, the Regional Grant and OSHC (Medibank) scholarship.

  • The ELICOS scholarship will be available to students commencing an ELICOS program with La Trobe College Australia prior to their full degree course at La Trobe University.

  • The Regional Victoria Experience Bursary is a one-off Tuition fee bursary available to students applying to study a course at one of our regional campuses. This grant will be bundled with the LTIS scholarship that is a tuition fee discount based on the students WAM and eligibility for the scholarship.

  • The La Trobe University OSHC Grant is available for students applying for postgraduate coursework studies at La Trobe. The University will cover a single policy. Applicants seeking family cover may upgrade and pay the additional fees.

Please visit the International scholarships page for our full suite of scholarships, eligibility criteria, payment methods and more.

Deposit payment option

International students commencing in Semester 2 2021are eligible to pay a 50% deposit (plus Overseas Student Health Cover) to accept their offer, with the balance payable before census date.* Although the offer letter will include the full tuition fee deposit (which is equivalent to one full semester of study), the student will only be required to pay 50% of this amount to accept their place.  We hope the greater flexibility this provides your students gives them the confidence to secure their place with La Trobe early. *Terms and conditions may apply

Refund policy updates

In May 2020, we announced that we would offer a full refund to commencing students whose visa application was rejected during the COVID-19 restrictions. ^ This policy will still be in place for students commencing in Semester 2 2021.  If a student completes any La Trobe subjects and later receives a visa rejection during any stage of their studies, we’ll issue them with an academic transcript recognising their studies.^ We’re also extending some of our application deadlines for withdrawals and refunds. Students commencing in Semester 2 2021 may apply for a full refund if they withdraw before the census date for the relevant study period. Applications for withdrawals and refunds must be submitted before the census date. Please note that these are temporary adjustment to provide flexibility to support our students during this time.  ^ These policies do not apply to cases where a visa is refused due to fraud.

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