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18 Oct 2021

[Griffith] Update to Griffith Health pathways for the Masters Qualifying Program

The Griffith University Masters Qualifying Program provides students with an opportunity to upgrade their prior study to meet the academic and/or English language requirements for direct admission to a Griffith University Masters program.

There have been updates to the Masters Qualifying Program that may provide a pathway to the Griffith Health Masters programs listed below.

At the point of application, students will be assessed for their eligibility for admission to the Masters program. Students will receive a packaged offer for the Masters Qualifying Program and the approved Masters program. The offer is conditional upon students achieving a program Grade Point Average of 4.0 in the Masters Qualifying Program.

The Masters Qualifying Program comprises one trimester of full-time study. The program aims to provide students with the knowledge, values and competencies required for successful completion of studies at postgraduate level in Australia.

This program is delivered in partnership with Griffith College.

Find out more about the Masters Qualifying Program.

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