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8 Feb 2021

[GMC] Student Payment Relief

Greenwich College is sensitive to the financial pressures that many of our students are currently experiencing as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greenwich College wants to do what it can to support our student community at this difficult time, and we appreciate that every little bit helps.

To support our Greenwich College students at this difficult time we will implement the following tuition arrangements:

  • GMC is pleased to be able to provide this tuition arrangement to all eligible students with fees payable for Term 2 and Term 3, and we sincerely hope that it helps our GMC students in these difficult times.

  • GMC tuition fees for existing Sydney, North Sydney and Melbourne students will be capped at $850 for all students in Term 2 and Term 3 (for Term 2 commences 22nd March 2021).

  • Please note this does not impact students on our promotional $750 timetable offer, their fees will remain unaffected at $750 per term.

  • If students have already paid for their Term 2 tuition, then they can apply for a refund.

  • As we have previously advised, GMC will further assist our students by providing additional instalment flexibility if they are experiencing significant financial hardship circumstances.


  • Refunds will be arranged to students who have already paid for their Term 2 tuition fees.

  • Any refunds will be made directly into bank accounts nominated by the student.

  • Students must claim this tuition relief before 22/03/2021.

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