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9 Nov 2023

[ECA] Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education at VU Sydney

Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Launch a rewarding and in-demand pre-school teaching career, with VU's one-year Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

Our graduate diploma allows graduates of degree programs to become early-childhood teachers. With the current 3-year-old kindergarten expansion in Victoria, this course places you in an excellent position to apply for work as a kinder teacher.

This course is tailored to applicants with an undergraduate qualification in a discipline other than early childhood. If you hold an early childhood teaching degree and you're looking to advance your career, we recommend upskilling to a four-year degree by applying for the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Leadership.

You'll study units focused on children from birth to five years, learning how teaching practice can include children and families as capable participants in education.

You'll also gain hands-on work experience in a range of settings, including childcare and kindergartens, graduating with expertise in early-childhood learning built on a strong sense of social justice.

Gain insight into the early years by studying these fascinating areas:

  • child development

  • teaching practice that includes Aboriginal perspectives

  • education and curriculum studies focused on childhood and relationships

  • family and community contexts

  • advocacy and activism in early-childhood settings

  • history and philosophy of early childhood

  • ethical early-childhood professional practice.

The Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education is recognised as the equivalent of a four-year degree. 


Childcare job openings are expecting massive growth (ACECQA(external link)).

Thanks to the essential experience you’ll get from teaching early-childhood settings during your placement, you’ll be work-ready when you graduate.

With an ACECQA approved early-childhood teacher qualification, our graduates can find employment in:

  • public or private kindergartens (preschool)

  • long-day-care centres

  • early-childhood centres in the state of Victoria, Australia.

This course is ACECQA accredited and is recognised by the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) for teaching registration in Victoria and by the Education Standards Authority (NESA) in New South Wales.

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