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9 Mar 2022

[Deakin] Business School

Welcome to Deakin Business School

Deakin Business School is an internationally accredited business school in the top 1% of business schools globally*. We are one of only 150 schools worldwide to hold both AACSB and EQUIS accreditation. International accreditation provides an assurance of quality for our students and makes our graduates more employable.

*Accredited by EQUIS

Deakin Business School prepares graduates for careers of the future. We harness emerging technologies to facilitate innovative, borderless, socially responsible and personalised education. Our research informs our practice and impacts the communities we engage with.

We offer a broad range of business disciplines through our six academic departments.

Deakin Business School’s education and employability, ideas and innovation, and engagement and partnerships, align with the following key areas of today’s globally connected business community.

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