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16 Mar 2022

[ACU] Peter Faber Business School

At Peter Faber Business School you’ll become a business leader who is an independent thinker, global in your outlook, practical and ethical in the application of your skills.

Practical skills

Our work integrated learning approach gives you practical experience in your profession while you study, so you can graduate with an edge in the market. Our assessments emphasise practical skills and all students have the chance to undertake an industry internship as part of their degree.

Global outlook

Whether it is studying at our Rome Campus or working virtually on assessments with your peers internationally, you will be exposed to global trends in business. Our staff have connections worldwide and our partner institutions provide countless opportunities to study overseas as part of your degree.

Ethical actions

Good business promotes the common good, creating opportunities for people and communities to flourish. Our community engagement program allows you to experience the power of business to advance community wellbeing. You will get the chance to showcase your contributions by participating in the University of San Diego Global Social Innovation Challenge.

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