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9 June 2022

[ACU] Master of Teaching

Master of Teaching (Secondary)

Top 50 Globally in education (#46) and third in Australia. (Shanghai Ranking, Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2021)

Transform your work and life experience into a teaching career. Graduate ready to design and implement engaging and flexible learning experiences to inspire and positively influence young people. This is a graduate entry, initial teacher education course for those who want to teach in secondary schools. Whether you are looking for a complete career change or are a recent graduate, your undergraduate degree will form the foundations for your specialist teaching areas in this course. This course will prepare you to teach in one or two specialist teaching areas, depending on your undergraduate degree and campus of study. Learn the craft of teaching from highly experienced mentor teachers in a range of educational contexts.

The following senior secondary level teaching areas are available (with some variations from state to state), with students also able to teach in the corresponding subjects in the junior levels:

accounting, business studies, biology, chemistry, design and technologies, drama, earth and environmental studies, economics, English, geography, health, history, ICT and digital technology, language, legal studies, mathematics, media, music, outdoor education, physical education, physics, religious education, society and culture, TESOL, visual arts, vocational studies.

Master of Teaching (Early Childhood and Primary)

The Master of Teaching (Early Childhood and Primary) is a graduate-entry, pre-service teacher education course for those who want to qualify as both an early childhood and primary school teacher. This course cultivates graduates who are passionate about, and committed to, the generation and dissemination of knowledge, skills and attitudes that facilitate high-quality learning in a child’s early years. Delivered fully online, this course is made up of a series of online units and block day placements in early childhood and primary school settings.

An exceptional benefit to this course is you will be able to build on your undergraduate studies and graduate with a teaching specialisation area within the primary curriculum.

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