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27 Apr 2022

[ACU] Diploma programs

Why Study a diploma at ACU?

  • Suitable for international students who want to study at ACU but do not satisfy the entry requirements for their preferred Bachelor's degree.

  • Smaller class sizes and high level and tailored support to develop students’ knowledge, skills and understanding for study in their chosen discipline.

  • Students who successfully complete their Diploma will graduate with a recognised, standalone qualification and can transition directly into the second year of their associated Bachelor program.

  • All Diplomas are developed and delivered by ACU and students have access to a range of services to gain the confidence to learn independently and transition smoothly into university study.

  • Diploma classes are taught on campus (and remotely for select programs) at ACU, allowing students to become familiar with the university environment and access facilities and develop networks and friendships to accompany them throughout their entire university journey.

ACU Diploma programs

Diploma in Business

Diploma in Information Technology

Diploma in Biomedical Science

Diploma in Exercise Science

Diploma in Nutrition Science

Diploma in Educational Studies (Tertiary Preparation)

Diploma in Liberal Arts

Diploma in Visual Arts and Design

Diploma in Youth Work

Scholarship opportunities

ACU offers a number of scholarships for international students studying Diploma programs. Browse our scholarship opportunities below:

Pathways to Victoria scholarship

A one-off scholarship of AU$2,500 is available to commencing international students with a packaged Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) to study an eligible Pathway program and principal undergraduate course at ACU.

View scholarship

Pathways to Business and IT Success scholarship

A one-off scholarship is available to commencing international students studying a Diploma in Business or Diploma in Information Technology in 2022. This scholarship will cover 25% of the tuition-fee for a Diploma program.

View scholarship

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