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4 May 2022

[UTS] Business School

Welcome to the UTS Business School, part of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), located in the heart of Sydney, on the unceded land of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation.

UTS is a public university of technology committed to social justice, defined by our support for the economic, social and cultural prosperity of our communities.

Being part of such a progressive and innovative university offers us the scope and opportunity to be a different type of business school, one whose purpose is to lead education and research that enables business and organisations to contribute to the public good.

Find out about our vision, principles, work, education and place.

Our education delivers a broad range of degree programs across undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as a range of executive development, microcredential and short course programs.

Our practical and integrative approach to business education prepares students for a world that demands more than specialist expertise in a particular discipline. UTS Business graduates are ‘integrative thinkers’ who can combine traditional business skills with those from disciplines such as design and engineering to meet the challenges they face in a globalised world.

Indigenous knowledge is also part of our core curriculum, so we can ensure our graduates work with and for Indigenous Australians.

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