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18 May 2022

[USYD] School of Psychology

Understanding how people think, feel, behave and learn

Driving psychology education, research and clinical services that investigate human behaviour and cognition for positive change. We are the oldest Australian School of Psychology.

The School of Psychology at the University of Sydney is currently ranked 28th in the world for psychology*, and is the first School of Psychology in Australia. We are proud of our history and reputation, and believe in pursuing continuous innovation and excellence in our research and teaching.

Psychology is one of the most exciting sciences with many questions that need answers. In the School of Psychology, we strive to build upon our successes in order to make new discoveries and drive positive change.

*QS World University Ranking by Subject 2022

Psychology is a fast growing and exciting science. It helps to shape our understanding of how people perceive, think, feel and interact with other humans, animals and even artificial entities in our always changing and dynamic world.

As a student in psychology you will learn to ask, as well as how to answer, important questions about behaviour.

  • How does the brain store and retrieve memories?

  • What plays a bigger role – nature or nurture?

  • Can psychology help cure dementia?

  • Why are some people prone to gambling and others not?

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