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21 June 2023

[UoA] Life in Adelaide

Discover our North Terrace campus, located in the heart of the vibrant, safe and diverse city of Adelaide. 

Living and studying in Adelaide

During your life on campus at the University of Adelaide, there is a range of support services available to help you succeed in your studies.

Whatever challenges you encounter throughout your studies, there is support available for you on campus. These support services include a specialised International Student Support office, Counselling and Disability Support services, as well as social programs, clubs and sports to help you settle in and mix with other students.

There are a range of facilities on offer at the University of Adelaide, to help you study, keep fit, and engage with campus life.

Adelaide Cost of Living for Students

Adelaide is consistently ranked as one of Australia's most affordable cities, with transport and accommodation options up to 12% cheaper than other major cities*.

Average weekly budget

Your average cost of living can vary based on location, lifestyle and a range of other factors. 

  • Rent - $135-385

  • Food - $90-135

  • Electricity, gas^ -$40-55

  • Transport -$20-35

  • Telephone, postage - $20-40

  • Other - $50+

  • Total - $350-700

(Source - Study Adelaide 

Why choose us?

  1. Top 100 universities worldwide. Source: THE 2023

  2. Centrally located in the vibrant and affordable city of Adelaide

  3. Extra year of in-country post-study work

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