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12 Feb 2021

[UNSW] Deferral & English Requirements

Here are key updates about UNSW Global 2021 deferral and English requirements.

Ending of deferral without penalty period

  • As of 17 February 2021, UNSW will no longer allow students to defer without penalty in the first 7 days of their program. 

Ending of deferral of scholarships

  • During 2020, in some cases, UNSW allowed students to defer scholarships to later intakes.

  • As of the start of 2021, UNSW will no longer allow this practice, though there may be some exceptions in specific cases (e.g. students in Myanmar whose study has been affected by the political situation).

Updates to the English language proficiency requirements:

  • English Language Test scores and prior studies in English (including high school English results like IB, A level English etc) will be accepted for if completed no more than:

  1. Three years before the intended start date in Foundation Studies and Diploma program

  2. Two years before the intended start date in an English language course

  • No Duolingo results for tests completed after 31 March (continue to accept results for all 2021 intakes for tests done before 31 March). Will consider on a case by case basis under extenuating circumstances including COVID related issues

  • UNSW will continue to accept IELTS Indicator and TOEFL iBT Special Home edition

  • Students who have completed their HSC/VCE/SACE/WACE etc in Australia (i.e. at least two years of study in Australia) will have English conditions waived.

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