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23 Mar 2022

[RMIT] College of Business and Law

RMIT University has a reputation for excellence in business and management education, providing high quality, industry responsive programs and research relevant to the national and global marketplace.

RMIT College of Business and Law has a proud history of providing programs that meet the evolving needs of students and industry.

Develop new skills or build on existing knowledge to make an impact in global business.

Whether you’re fresh out of high school, considering a career change, or looking to pursue your MBA to upskill in your current field, there’s a business course that can help you achieve your goals.

Our business management and administration courses provide you with the fundamentals in accounting, marketing, project management, and finance. Take charge of your studies by selecting electives in persuasive communication, cross-cultural awareness, operational leadership, and strategic decision-making.

Why study business at RMIT?

  1. $1.5M+ of allocated funding to student start-ups since 2015

  2. Own your future: electives designed to build your skills for self-employment

  3. #2 in the world for the study of digital currencies

*CoinDesk University Ranking 2021  

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