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5 July 2023

[QUT] Student Life

While you’re studying, you’ll meet new people and make great friends while having access to all the support you need to help you succeed at study. Find out more about the QUT student experience and living in Brisbane.

Discover life in Brisbane

Find out everything you need to know about moving to Brisbane and life in Australia.

Explore options for accommodation, and find out more about travel and culture.

Living in Brisbane

Sport at QUT

Sport at QUT offers opportunities to represent, engage and to connect. Leading the Australian university landscape, QUT Sport enrich the student experience by focusing on the connection we make through sport. Whether that be through our weekly social sport programs, representation at local or national intervarsity event, commitment to health and wellbeing through partnerships or how we pursue technology in sport.

Time to play

Support while you're studying

Need support while you’re studying? Read more about the services you can access to make your uni experience easier.

Student support

Your uni social life

University is about more than just study.Explore student clubs and societies, extracurricular activities and exciting social opportunities.

Uni life

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