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21 Nov 2022


Your chance to receive a 50% scholarship!

Are you a current Kaplan Business School student achieving exceptional academic results while contributing positively to the KBS community? Submit an application and you could be the winner of the Dean's Award!

Awarded to up to two students nationally each trimester, the Dean's Award winners are awarded a 50% scholarship for the remainder of their current course and any future Kaplan Business School course. The award winners will be determined based on academic performance and overall contribution to the KBS community.


For students to be eligible for the award, they must fulfil the following criteria:

  • At the time of application, the student must have a Distinction average or higher grade

  • Submit a 500-word personal statement or 2-minute video on why they should receive the award

  • Provide evidence or examples where they have gone above and beyond for the KBS community


  • Submissions will be open from Monday Week 8 until Sunday Week 10 of each trimester

  • Students submit their personal statement or video to

  • Award submissions will be reviewed by an Executive Committee in Week 11 of the trimester

  • The Dean’s Award winners and Runners-Up will be announced in Week 12 of the trimester


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