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Created Date:

8 July 2022

[Holmes] Higher Education

The undergraduate studies at Holmes Institute will expose you to new knowledge and equip you with the practical skills in:

  • thinking critically and analysing business issues

  • sourcing expert views and theories relevant to business

  • working in a group

  • keeping your knowledge-base up to date

  • approaching business challenges in a disciplined, thorough manner

At Holmes, we sum this up by saying “You will learn how to think like a business person”.

By completing your degree, you will have demonstrated the disciplined approach to challenges that is absolutely vital for business success. Employers tend to choose candidates from the pool of graduates who have already demonstrated the discipline necessary for success.  Holmes Institute designs the undergraduate courses in way of connecting the needs of industry. Your years of undergraduate study culminating in your degree demonstrates that you have ‘what it takes!’.

Holmes Institute offers four undergraduate degrees:

  • A Bachelor of Business (BBus)

  • A Bachelor of Professional Accounting (BPA)

  • A Bachelor of Information Systems (BIS)

  • A Bachelor of Fashion Business (BFB)

Each may be thought of as a gateway to a career in business and you should choose the one that takes you into the professional life that suits you.

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