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8 July 2022

[Deakin] Law School

Become an in-demand legal professional

Deakin Law School attracts some of the the best and brightest students in Victoria. We're renowned for our commercial focus and teaching quality – consistently ranking among the top schools in the country for our teaching quality and student satisfaction*. Our undergraduate and postgraduate programs use strong work-integrated learning principles to produce well-rounded, quality legal professionals – who have a strong knowledge of Australian and international legal systems.

Deakin Law School strategy

Deakin Law School aspires to be a catalyst for positive change. Our 2021–2025 strategic plan sets out our mission to maintain our excellent reputation both nationally and internationally across progressive learning, innovation, community and partner engagement and our school community.

Our academic programs

Deakin offers a broad range of law courses, with a number of majors and specialisations. Note that the Master of Legal Studies is a unit-based masters with several specialisations.

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