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27 Apr 2022

[ANU] School of Music

Excellence, Passion, Discovery.

The ANU School of Music is an environment beyond learning. It is a place of discovery and exploration.

We believe the value of education lies in its ability to inspire and awaken. With world class programs in classical, jazz and contemporary performance, film and video game composition, audio recording and technology you choose your path and do it your way.

There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in the music industry. Today, music provides the score for most of our waking hours through our mobile phones, iPods and computers to films, video games, television, dance clubs, live concerts, shows, and the internet.

As information technology makes the world smaller, the market for the performance and creation of music is increasing exponentially.

Demand for a new kind of performer and composer has arisen.

ANU is currently ranked as the #1 University in Australia and one of the Top 20 Universities in the World.1 Our flexible double degree program gives you the opportunity to combine a degree in music with any other degree, including: business, finance, law, engineering, medical science, computing, international relations, commerce, languages, software engineering, political science, international business or computing.

What ANU offers is beyond a degree, beyond an occupation, and beyond a career. We offer the opportunity to discover your artistry.

Your future is one audition away.

1. QS World University Rankings for 2018

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