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6 Oct 2023

[ACU] Foundation Studies (Online) for international students

We are pleased to announce that our highly popular Foundation Studies Program (Online) is now open for international student enrolment, and we invite you to encourage your clients to consider this additional option for 2024.


The online program:


  • An accelerated pathway – It is an intensive 8-month curriculum. Students are guaranteed entry into most ACU undergraduate programs, as long as they meet the GPA and English language requirements. No external proficiency test is required.

  • Affordability – The comprehensive program covers a wide range of subjects, and by studying at home, students will save on living costs. Our competitive pricing also covers all required resources, textbooks, and online materials. 

  • Flexibility –  Students can start the program from anywhere in the world and complete their qualification fully online in their home country, or they have the flexibility to start offshore online and transfer to studying on our Melbourne or North Sydney campuses as they complete the program. 

  • Quality education – All online classes are led by our experienced university educators, and students will have full access to our student support services, including academic guidance and library resources.  

Offered at 2 locations: Melbourne and North Sydney


The course is completed over 8 months full-time March – November.  




5.5 overall score (with no individual band less than 5)

Fees (first year)*


Start dates

March 2024, September 2024, March 2025, September 2025, March 2026, September 2026

The Foundation Studies Program provides a pathway to ACU undergraduate degrees for students who wish to study at university but do not have a recognised Year 12 qualification.

  • If you are a domestic student you can choose to study on campus in Blacktown or Melbourne or fully online live from anywhere else in Australia, or you could choose a mix of on-campus and online study.

  • If you are an international student, you can choose to study in Australia at the Melbourne or North Sydney campus or fully online live from outside of Australia.

As a Foundation Studies student, you will be immersed in the distinctive culture of the university throughout the course. You will be provided with all resources for the program including textbooks, laboratory equipment and online resources. You will become familiar with ACU facilities, resources and systems and with the academic expectations and assessment models used in undergraduate degrees at ACU. Class sizes will be small and staffed to provide a highly supportive learning environment.

Foundation Studies aims to equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed at the undergraduate level at ACU. Regardless of whether you study on-campus or online you will be provided with live personalised support to assist you with progression to your degree program at ACU.

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