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Created Date:

19 July 2023

[ACU] Discover ACU

Tailored to your course of interest, Discover ACU is designed to give you an exciting first taste of specific disciplines, with an opportunity to speak with current ACU students to find out what life is like in your study area.

Explore your local campus and its facilities, talk to current students, and experience life as an ACU student.

Spend time at your local campus where you'll be able to:

  • participate in interactive or hands-on workshops related to your degree of choice

  • meet staff and current students

  • explore your local ACU campus

  • learn about industries and careers

  • get helpful tips on preparing for uni

  • soak up the campus atmosphere.

Choose a workshop from a range of study areas, which may include nursing, midwifery, paramedicine, education, physiotherapy, psychology, sports and exercise science, and lots more.

New courses

Just like our changing world, our courses are continually evolving. Some of the courses listed on this page are brand new, others have been revised to ensure they meet new best practices, and some are being introduced on a particular campus for the first time.

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