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10 May 2021

[ACU] Apply for ACU TPP May intake now!

Tertiary Preparation Program (Health Sciences)

The Tertiary Preparation Program (Health Sciences) is an excellent pathway option for students who need to meet the English language or academic entry requirements for a number of degrees, including the Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science or Bachelor of Exercise, Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Bachelor of Nutrition Science.

The TPP May intake is an intensive program and upon successfully completing this program and meeting the English language requirements, students may progress to a relevant Health Science degree commencing in Feb 2022.

Program Features:

In this program, students will explore:

  • the language and terminology of health sciences

  • a variety of materials centred around health science content

  • communication with patients and their relatives

  • how to deal with issues in the health professions

  • critical thinking and problem solving.

Students will also receive support and specific preparation for external English language proficiency tests and each student will receive a free IELTS test.

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Online or face to face delivery in Brisbane Campus

Further Study

The ACU Tertiary Preparation Program (Health Sciences) is acceptable for entry to the following bachelor degree courses in the Faculty of Health Sciences: Bachelor of Applied Public Health, Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science and Bachelor of Physical Activity, Bachelor of High Performance Sport and Bachelor of Sport and Outdoor Education. For Bachelor of Nursing course entry, students must meet the English language requirements after completing this program.

For more information, please visit Tertiary Preparation Program (Health Sciences) (

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